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Financial Services

Our financial services team brings dedication and expertise to every facet of association finance. We provide full bookkeeping with detailed reporting and reconciliation to give boards a clear picture of accounts receivable, accounts payable, and current financial health. For long-term planning, we offer collaborative budget preparation and analysis to establish sustainable yearly budgets. Our accounting professionals handle all payments, and compliance requirements to optimize associations’ financial strategy. With transparent financial statements, timely reports, and customized budget guidance, we empower boards with the knowledge to make informed decisions that best serve their community. Our comprehensive financial management systems aim to simplify processes while maximizing efficiency.

Administrative Services

Our administrative team prioritizes high-quality customer service in all facets of association management. We handle communications between boards and unit owners, using our expertise to facilitate productive discussions and consensus. By managing the entire annual meeting process, we ensure these important events run smoothly and productively. Following each association’s unique bylaws, we work closely with boards to enforce regulations in a clear and consistent manner. Understanding that efficient property transfers are crucial for associations and owners, we make this process as seamless as possible. Our staff also oversees fiscal responsibility and insurance coverage based on the board’s decisions and directions. With extensive experience administrating communities, our coordinators provide valuable guidance and services that both boards and residents can rely on.

Maintenance Services

At First Property Management, preserving and enhancing property value through proactive maintenance is a top priority. Our experienced in-house maintenance team handles service requests with quality workmanship and prompt response times. For larger projects, we partner with the area’s best local vendors after a thorough bid selection process to identify cost-effective solutions. By combining in-house skill with trusted contractors, we can tackle maintenance of all sizes – from routine upkeep to major renovations. We take pride in keeping properties in prime condition with preventative maintenance, immediate issue resolution, and long-term capital planning. Our comprehensive maintenance services give boards peace of mind in knowing their community assets are cared for by dedicated property management professionals.