Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 6d Certificate?

One of the required documents needed to sell your condominium is a 6d Certificate. The 6d Certificate basically states there are no liens and assessments against the condo unit. The 6d assures that all condo fees (common area fees) and outstanding special assessments have been paid by the current owner as of the date of closing.

What Documents Do I need if I want to sell my Condominium?

You will need many documents, but here are a few of the most important one that may be required:

•The 6d Certificate (see above for description)
•The Condo Questionnaire (see above for description)
•A Title V Septic Report (Reason: to check if septic has been inspected & if passed)

Are Pets Allowed at My Association?

Each condominium Association is different. Please consult the By-Laws, which include the Rules and Regulations for your Association.

How Do I Obtain a 6d Certificate?

A 6D certificate can be obtained by completing a Request for Documents form and returning it to First Property Management via e-mail at cathy@fpmcapecod.com.

What is a Request for Documents Form?

A Request for Documents form should be completed and returned to First Property Management (FPM) to accomplish a successful property transfer at one of the associations we manage.  The form should be completed with the new buyer contact information, listing and closing brokers and attorneys and the scheduled closing date.  In addition, the form is used to obtain the documents required to support the closing.  Each of these documents listed below has a fee associated with it.  Here are the fees associated with the documents requested from FPM:

Documents Requested:



Certificate of No Assessment Due 6(d)



Septic Report (if Applicable)



Financial Information (Budget, Revenue & Expense


Report and Balance Sheet)



Condominium Documents (Master Deed, ByLaws,


Declaration of Trust)



Condominium Questionnaire/Affidavit


Certification (Lenders Form)


Rush Service



Sub Total


Transaction fee





A check made out to First Property Management for the documents you require at closing can be dropped off or mailed to FPM offices located at 167 Lovells Lane, Marstons Mills MA 02648.

What Is The Condominium Questionaire?

A Condo Questionnaire is sent to the condominium HOA on the lender’s letterhead.  It contains questions about the number of units in the condominium project, how many of the units have been sold or rented, whether all the common areas have been 100 percent completed and other questions concerning the condominium projects.  On the recommendation of our attorneys, First Property Management provides the lender with our own form as well as a letter explaining why we have been advised to do so.  Usually, the same basic questions are answered.  In the event that the lender requires that their own form be filled out, there will be a fee associated with doing so.

What area does First Property Management Service?

First Property Management services the Cape Cod Area of Massachusetts with focus on the Mid-Cape area.

How Do I Obtain a Certificate of Insurance?

Contact your insurance agency for the master policy or go to their web site.

Some Local Insurance companies include:

Dowling and O’Neil

Hart Insurance

Olde Cape Cod

Zelano Insurance

Eastern Insurance

Rogers and Gray

Horgan Insurance

How Do I Report a Maintenance Issue?

You may report a maintenance issue by using the online form (link at the top right of this website), selecting the appropriate Property and category and description of the issue.

You may also call our office to report an issue at (508) 420-0299.

If your issue is maintenance emergency, please call (508) 776-0244.

I Have a Question Concerning My Bill.

If you have a question about your bill, please feel free to contact a member of our financial department by calling our offices at (508) 420-0299.

How Do I Initiate Online Payments?

Online payments may be initiated in two ways.  First by completing an ACH form and sending us a copy of a voided check.

You may also make a one-time online payment by selecting the bank link.


When Is Our Annual Meeting?

Each condominium Association is different. Please consult the By-Laws, Master Deed or Declaration of Trust documents for your Association.

When Is Our Trash Pick-up?

Each condominium Association is different. You may obtain the trash pick up schedule for your Association by conctacting First Property Management at (508) 420-0299 or via e-mail at office@fpmcapecod.com.

I Need To Receive A Payment For An Invoice I Have Submitted.

All invoices should be e-mailed to the following e-mail address for payment by First Property Management fpminvoices@payableslockbox.com.  Payments may take 7-10 business days to be processed.  Expedited payments may be available by speaking to a member of our finance team at (508) 420-0299.